Update on My Packed Lunch Challenge

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This challenge made me cook more than I usually do. For the past two weeks, I cooked tapa, squash and shrimps in gata, green onion pancake and garbanzo soup. My lunches have become healthier.

Although I cook more, I’m not really crazy about sticking to the challenge especially that it only makes sense on weekdays. The main goal for packing lunch is really to save money and lessen my calories.

I also found a way to make it easier for me. I bought a pack of pre-washed arugula and a box of cherry tomatoes then kept them in our office fridge so I can have greens daily with my packed lunch. One time I didn’t prepare but we had salted eggs at home so I just brought that and ate it with the greens and tomatoes for lunch.

Here are photos of some of my packed lunches. I’ve been using this old mousepad as my placemat ever since I started working at this place. Hehe.


A Little Goes A Long Way: Doing Monthly Challenges Again


Hello! Yesterday I started with my first monthly challenge: Prep and Bring Packed Lunch. Yes I’m starting in November 2017. Don’t you think it’s better to do this now than wait for the New Year? Well early 2017 would’ve been ideal but consider this an early start for 2018!

What is this?

It’s simply doing one thing everyday for the entire month. Then after an entire month, you start another habit again for the next 30 days and so on. I’m sure you are familiar with these types of things as there are different versions of it. The one I did back in 2014 was inspired from Leo Babauta of zenhabits.

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Freebie Magazines

If it’s free, it’s for me! One of my titas, a family friend, would say. I don’t really agree because it’s an excuse to hoard unecessary stuff. But when it comes to magazines, I can be a bit lenient. They are light and easier to get rid off when it’s time to declutter. I also love just leafing through them when relaxing on weekends.

Here’s some free magazines I love getting:

Free Magazines!

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