Wardrobe Fix: How I Saved 10 Minutes in the Morning

One of my daily source of stress was “having nothing to wear”.  I used to rummage through my closet on weekdays for work outfits, changing in and out of clothes for an inordinate amount of time before finding the right combination. It’s the same story on weekends. I attempted the obvious solution: plan my outfits the night before. Then I quickly realized that I needed a (better) strategy.  Some ideas floated in my mind like capsule wardrobe, minimalism, wardrobe detox -all internet-famous stuff. Surely there must be something beyond the hype. Can these things work for me too?

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February Challenge Update, The Habit Loop and Other Stuff

The Habit Loop

This month, I watched a course on Skillshare (I can talk about that later) about habits. Catrinel Girbovan showed how to practically apply the principles on Charles Duhigg’s book , The Habit Loop. This  loop is a cycle of 3 things: the cue, the routine then the reward.

I looked at my current challenge for this month and identified those three for my yoga challenge.

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February Challenge

Hi all! My make-up challenge for January was by far the most successful one. Hmmm what does that say about me? Maarte ako. I like it because it makes me less frazzled on weekday mornings. It’s safe to say that I’ve incorporated it in my routine. It’s weird but I now go to work 15 minutes earlier than I used to. Something I couldn’t do with my December Go To Bed Early Challenge! I’m glad that my kaartehan got me somewhere this time.

Now on to February.

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New Movies To Watch This Week

I watched two movies in one week and loved them both. That doesn’t happen very often!  So here are the two films  that I think are worth seeing right now:

The Post

This movie is currently playing in Vancouver cinemas. Maybe it’s bad that there were only a few people in the theatre but it was a treat to watch without the blockbuster crowd.  It’s about how the Washington Post proceeded to publish news on the Pentagon Papers. Meryl Streep portrays publisher Katharine Graham and Tom Hanks is editor Ben Bradlee. It’s quite exciting and timely (hello Trump era and the order to shut down of Rappler).

The press was to serve the governed, not the governors.

– Justice Hugo Black

Sand Storm (Sufat Chol)

Guys this is on Netflix! Yay for you!  It’s a beautiful movie about two Bedouin women, a mother and daughter. There’s usually a focus on poverty  or political conflict when it comes to international films but this one was simple slice of life, the tensions of personal desires and cultural mores.

There is always a choice. -Layla, Sufat Chol

(images from Time.com and Netflix)