Wardrobe Fix: How I Saved 10 Minutes in the Morning

One of my daily source of stress was “having nothing to wear”.  I used to rummage through my closet on weekdays for work outfits, changing in and out of clothes for an inordinate amount of time before finding the right combination. It’s the same story on weekends. I attempted the obvious solution: plan my outfits the night before. Then I quickly realized that I needed a (better) strategy.  Some ideas floated in my mind like capsule wardrobe, minimalism, wardrobe detox -all internet-famous stuff. Surely there must be something beyond the hype. Can these things work for me too?

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New Movies To Watch This Week

I watched two movies in one week and loved them both. That doesn’t happen very often!  So here are the two films  that I think are worth seeing right now:

The Post

This movie is currently playing in Vancouver cinemas. Maybe it’s bad that there were only a few people in the theatre but it was a treat to watch without the blockbuster crowd.  It’s about how the Washington Post proceeded to publish news on the Pentagon Papers. Meryl Streep portrays publisher Katharine Graham and Tom Hanks is editor Ben Bradlee. It’s quite exciting and timely (hello Trump era and the order to shut down of Rappler).

The press was to serve the governed, not the governors.

– Justice Hugo Black

Sand Storm (Sufat Chol)

Guys this is on Netflix! Yay for you!  It’s a beautiful movie about two Bedouin women, a mother and daughter. There’s usually a focus on poverty  or political conflict when it comes to international films but this one was simple slice of life, the tensions of personal desires and cultural mores.

There is always a choice. -Layla, Sufat Chol

(images from Time.com and Netflix)

Freebie Magazines

If it’s free, it’s for me! One of my titas, a family friend, would say. I don’t really agree because it’s an excuse to hoard unecessary stuff. But when it comes to magazines, I can be a bit lenient. They are light and easier to get rid off when it’s time to declutter. I also love just leafing through them when relaxing on weekends.

Here’s some free magazines I love getting:

Free Magazines!

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What I Cannot Sacrifice

Just so you know, I posted below message on my Facebook. Gusto nako klaruhon akong posisyon. Anyway here it is:

Friends and lovers…or whatever, as you may be aware, I have a loathing for Duterte supporters especially at this time. This of course does not come as a suprise to you. I’m not exactly a likeable or popular person. But I’d like to suggest that maybe next time you choose a leader you could use this question to filter your choices: 

What is her/his stand regarding Martial Law and the Marcoses?

Politics ni, wala daw personalan? Unfortunately the political seeps into the personal. I just want to say this because considering Marcos and Duterte’s popularity and support from Filipinos, I don’t want to go down in history as a “Filipino” who agreed to/allowed these injustices. I am not among those Filipinos and I’m proud of it. Let my future children know this.

Don’t use the Bisaya/Mindanawan card on me kay as a Bisaya gahuna-huna ko sa epekto aning mga extra judicial killings ug “independent” foreign policy daw (pero ibaligya raman diay sa China). Davaoenos can use the Davao card kay di ko taga Davao wa daw koy nahibalan. But…There are Davaoenos who do not support him. Surprise! 

Whatevs guys. You can imagine whatever you want but history will judge us… Oh but i guess you’re rewriting it. 

The Plant That Won’t Die: A Metaphor for the Hopeless

So I brought this Poinsettia plant to the office two weeks before Christmas. It is now March and it is still on my desk. 

I transferred it to my cubicle from the department shelf where it originally was because I was getting a lot of comments about it. Am I still watering the poor thing?? It’s dying. Or just about any other comment that basically means the same thing: that Poinsettias are only for Christmas and I should throw my plant away already. I would tell people that it would be such a waste to throw away because it was still alive. I eventually got tired of saying that over and over so I put it on my desk. Then one of the execs comes over and comments, when any of her plants do not look gorgeous anymore, they are out. You’d think I would let out a sigh of resignation and throw my poor poinsettia plant away but you know what, it is still on my desk. Perhaps on Monday I will take it home and plant it in our garden. I wonder, is there something my officemates are telling me that I just cannot get? Whatever. Like a stubborn teenager, I roll my eyes.

They don’t get me either. Anything and anyone surviving has every chance of thriving.


I just can’t let January pass without a post! 2013 brought a lot of changes. I can’t think of any other word to describe 2013 other than BITTERSWEET. There are lessons that are harder to learn but I’m glad to say the changes were mostly for the better! Some blessings I’m thankful for 2013:

Going forward, I will be posting some photos from the world wide web for inspiration. Let’s just say, it’s my 2014 wishlist. Ta!