Mabuhay 2018!

Happy New Year!

Here I am popping out into the blogosphere after a break from posting. It’s refreshing and weird at the same time. Anyway, before I chatter about my challenge of ze month, I’d like to share some snapshots of  Vancouver. It’s not my hood but let’s just say I spend a lot of time in the city.



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Lunch Spots Near Waterfront and Granville Stations

Here’s a second installment to my Lunch Spots near Skytrain stations. As a user of public transit, I just automatically notice many areas based on their proximity to a train station. These places are in Vancouver downtown and are walking distance from Waterfront and Granville Stations.

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Ulam. (In Filipino ulam means viand. But it’s also used when you see a guy with abs, muscles or something physically attractive. Girls use that term in that way more…like saying ‘yummy’. ^_^

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Embracing Travel Misadventures: My Hong Kong Experience


Every few years, I take a plane back to the home country. One of those times, I took Cathay Pacific and purposely chose a flight with a 10 hour long layover in Hong Kong so I could explore the city before I arrive in Cebu. I relied on Hong Kong’s tourism website for my itinerary which proved to be very useful and easy to navigate. As with almost all travels, there were unavoidable surprises along the way.

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Indulge in Schadenfreude with this Wine Documentary


After having white wine at a friend’s despedida, I realized that every time I drink it, I sneeze. That time I only drank half a glass and still the sniffles. I googled “red wine for someone who drinks white wine”. Yes I admit to this. This wine search led me to an intriguing documentary, Sour Grapes. The blurb from Netflix:

A so-called “wine savant” sold high-end collectors a luxurious lie – and they totally bought it.

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