Wardrobe Fix: How I Saved 10 Minutes in the Morning

One of my daily source of stress was “having nothing to wear”.  I used to rummage through my closet on weekdays for work outfits, changing in and out of clothes for an inordinate amount of time before finding the right combination. It’s the same story on weekends. I attempted the obvious solution: plan my outfits the night before. Then I quickly realized that I needed a (better) strategy.  Some ideas floated in my mind like capsule wardrobe, minimalism, wardrobe detox -all internet-famous stuff. Surely there must be something beyond the hype. Can these things work for me too?

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Getting Organized

My mom gets upset when she sees us not wearing house slippers. Maybe she vicariously feels the cold floor or it doesn’t sit well with her generation’s sensibilities. This brings me to think of how I should put things in place— categorize and classify them as they should be, at least according to my own sensibilities. At one time, I can leave a room looking topsy turvy-clothes strewn all over the floor. On another, I could be obsessively wiping a tiny stain off a kitchen appliance. Anyhow, I’d rather be organized. As a bored girl on her day off, here’s a rundown of things I want to get done:


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