Autumn Reflection

Changes are so visible during the Fall. There’s a lot of changes in Spring too but the season feels more active. Fall, to me, seems to be more for introspection. So this is me taking stock of the last few months including the entire 5 months when I didn’t post anything:

January-May: eager beaver

I enrolled in Drawing class! The class gave me confidence to draw more. I’m not really good or pro but I was surprised that I could draw things I didn’t think I could (more realistic flowers and animals)/I had more capability than I thought. I haven’t been practicing so I need to work on that but I always doodle.

I tried some Habit Challenges. I was gonna say I failed them but in the greater scheme of things I also benefited: more aware with eating healthy, better at doing work make-up, occasional exercise.

I read a full length novel in April which i haven’t done in a while. It wasn’t literature but it was a nice slice of life story.

I did the Calligraphy Project. I’m happy about this! I haven’t seriously pursued it but like drawing, it’s a hobby/habit I can restart at my own time. Also because of the project, I discovered that a friend likes it too and we might go to a workshop when we get around to scheduling it. Lol.

June-September: Summer

It was part wonderful and part frustrating going back to the Philippines.

I felt the inefficiencies more strongly. For example the very long wait times in the bank. Sometimes the tellers are good and efficient but there’s just too many people and not a lot of tellers.

The airport was a disaster. There are 3 security checks for the international PAL flight. Never mind that the line was long. It’s expected. But passengers have no access to washrooms and food kiosks after the last check. You’re cordoned off in a small seating area next to the gate. You have to line up again if you needed to get out to pee or drink water or forgot to buy your pasalubong.

Also no liquids from that point on. A standard in all airports but there are water fountains inside most airports. So napagalitan ako ng security when my husband gave me water from across the velvet cord which is understandable. Kaya lang sana sinuggest nalang nya na inumin ko infront of her and give the empty bottle after. I didn’t think of it too until after. My throat was dry until I could get that glass of water from the plane. It was an inconvenience that could have been solved by either a simple notice strategically placed near the start of the queue or a separate express line or stamp or whatever. I might stick to my old airport choice next time —Cebu.

People are still into status and titles. You know when you’re transacting business and instead of focusing on the task at hand, others find it necessary to mention they are of a certain position or that they’re able to get something because they know the manager of so and so? Because if they didn’t then it would take so long etc. It’s a given that people take advantage of connections (good or bad). Sometimes, that’s the Philippine way if you want something done. Pero kailangan talaga i-mention several times na you’re a manager and you know this manager that’s why you accomplished a standard business transaction? It’s stressful.ย 

When you provide good service in the Philippines, trust that it will be highly appreciated kasi mahirap hanapin.

The sea was beautiful as always.

I was so happy to see friends and wished I had more time with them and to visit others who lived further. Manila traffic has not been solved. Surprise! I realized that I really missed my friends and our conversations.. We make do with group chat right now.

I devoured our mangoes. I think it’s the best in the world or at least among the mangoes I’ve tasted. There were always ripe mangoes at my in-laws.


Japan was an eye-opener. First look from the plane, even the landscape looked organized. Everyone’s luggage were all arranged vertically on the conveyor belt and nobody was pushing and running people over with their carts.

Japan teaches lessons in Simplicity and Beauty. The Japanese aesthetic seemed to be all about clean lines and emphasizing the beauty that’s already there -nature.

Navigating Tokyo’s subway and underground system was fun. It was amazing how there were literally floors of restaurants and shops underneath ground. I loved it.

I met up with my cousin in Kyoto. She treated us to tonkatsu and to fun anecdotes about her Japanese students.

At Home

I read or listened to books like The Ghost Map and Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus the Nazarene. I really loved both books. Ok i guess i should write a review huh?

I reflected on my next year’s vision. Meaning I clarified some values. Maybe i was slightly panicked. I think I feel more grounded now.

I started baking at the end of summer (bread, cassava cake, brownies) to welcome Fall.

october: Fall to Right Now

I performed Tinikling in two weddings. It was a good experience. Each performance adds a little bit to my confidence and ease when being “on stage” or in front of people.

I sort of planned our Thanksgiving dinner. I delegated dishes to other family members. I successfully roasted chicken using the spatchcock method. If you have issues with uneven cooking and dry roasted chicken then try this method.

It’s full on rehearsals until our November show. I’m part of this group and we are performing Philippine folk and contemporary pieces. I think I’m 75% ready.

I’ve been feeling a little bit off because of mindless scrolling. I look through IG celebrities’ accounts. Haha. Have to admit I like checking on showbiz news from time to time.

I am trying to do weekly personal check-ins. Got this idea from Youtuber, MuchelleB. She has these weekly review of how her life is going. I try to deal with 3 items: wins, what didn’t work, plans. It’s a good exercise for me because it forces me to think what GOOD happened and not dwell on the bad stuff. I fall off the wagon every now and then but I get back on. It’s been easier since I just put it on Google Drive and can access it anytime.


Autumn is a great time for reflection. There’s a bunch of things to look back on and there’s still time left for last minute plans. I’m talking about the cooking and eating to do in the holidays. Hehehehe. Have a great day all!

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