Fall Back

Just dropping by to say…

I still intend to blog and all but my mind has a gazillion things it wants to do.

Funny thing is, I am writing this now at work because our systems are down (except our internet is working. haha) and we’re still supposed to stay here in the office. Kind of useless in terms of work productivity but helpful to me because I’ve finally taken the time to sit down and write something on the blog. Even if this is merely free writing, with minimal editing and hardly makes sense. Also I got to read/reply to comments I have not read in months!

I went on vacation last May to June and simply dropped the ball on blogging even when I got back to work and routine.

It is starting to feel chilly here and trees are on fire. I’ve always disliked the colder months because it takes time to put on layers of clothing. I also get conscious with how I dress, taking care not to look frumpy when I have to pile on clothes on my little frame.

But this year, I finally appreciate the change of temperature and pace. I look forward to baking (wow, never thought I ‘d say that). In fact, I’ve already tried baking brownies and muffins. I didn’t grow up with an oven so baking was not a thing. I’m also excited about the upcoming holidays! People will be doing Vlogmas and I will have Youtubers to stalk. Haha. Anyway, that’s mostly it so far.

Oh for this year’s vacation last May, I went to the Land of The Rising Sun, Japan! I barely posted anything on social media. I don’t know why I am so crazy lazy with these things!

I mean travelling is one of the best topics to write and post about. My early twenty-something self would be shocked at my “indifference”. But suffice to say, I really enjoyed that trip. It’s a country that you don’t visit once. You just have to go back again and again. Also a part of me is sour about how they still have not apologized for their war crimes. Then a part of me is also in awe of how organized and efficient they are. Basta so many things. Anyway maybe the next time I will eventually share snippets of my trip.

For now, I am in the middle of personal projects, other commitments and *insert excuses* here. Honestly though, I don’t really feel bad about it. Sometimes, a hiatus/ break/ rest is just needed.




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