Challenging March: Of Diet Plans and Fails

The image says it all. Honestly this challenge didn’t work for me because…

I love food too much. And oh yes, I admit I lack the discipline. Bakeeeet? Can I just have abs by eating rice? Kidding.

This didn’t work for me because I had no clear cue and routine. Focusing on meal prep versus relying on willpower to not eating something is proves to be more effective. My November Meal Prep challenge helped me more compared to this March where I prohibited myself from carbs.

So lesson learned: format your challenge in a way that it makes you DO something versus NOT DO something. I see now why QUITTING a bad habit is ultimately more difficult than acquiring a good one. The advice (from the the Habit Loop and other self development) was to gain good habits so they “crowd out” the bad.

Failing a challenge is discouraging. I worry a bit that if I’m too easy on myself with this thing, then what more with other aspects of my life? Still,  I’ll march on with more awareness and more drive to prep meals.

Has someone successfully followed through with their diet plans? How did you do it? SOS. Lol.

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