One Fine Day in Vancouver

It’s exciting to see the seasons change especially from winter to spring.  I always look forward to the time when the weather turns dry and warm enough to take leisurely walks.

Mr. Leading Man and I didn’t waste any time when the sun decided to shine over Vancouver a few weekends ago.

Our intention was to go to Riley Park and catch a legendary Pokemon. Then we ended up doing all these other things.

We explored Main and 33rd. It’s the corner where commuters get off to get to Queen Elizabeth Park, Nat Bailey Stadium and Hillcrest Centre (a local community centre).

This cafe stands right next to the bus stop.

We checked out the Vancouver Farmers’ Market.

Look at this cool display at the local library:

We found this tuko  (gecko) in Riley Park. This photo is for my sister who “loves” them.

The Nat Bailey Stadium against a backdrop of mountains. It looks better in real life!

We walked down Main street.

We slurped ramen at our fave resto, Marutama Gaiden. I helped finish my husband’s ramen after I was done mine. I surprised myself. I thought I lost that appetite from when I was in my teen years but it comes back once in a while.

The day ended with a lively dinner with friends. G hosted our get-together. She cooked Pinoy style spaghetti, bacon wrapped asparagus and baked chicken. M brought the yummiest leche flan. In her words “yung hindi ka tinipid sa itlog na flan.” We were so full and happy!

We’re looking forward to more sunny days so we can hike and bask in the natural beauty of British Columbia. Im szzzzzoooo eggziteeeeed!!!


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