Down the Rabbit Hole – Inspo Haul Part II

Hello! It’s that special time once again where I take you down the rabbit hole with me! My first (and only) Inspiration Haul entry was from November and I think it’s time to do another one.

I hope you find something you like:


Disclaimer: we are related so I might be biased. Yup, I’m a fan! That’s why she’s first on this list. Haha!

But see for yourself. She articulates so well the things that I can hardly put into words -thoughts about creativity, adulting, feminism and other stuff that concern a young Flipina.  I always look forward to reading her new entries . It’s like having candid conversations with a bestfriend. The kind of thing you’d enjoy while sipping your favourite drink.


YOUTUBE: The Financial Diet

This channel is packed with information organized in easy-to-digest bitesize pieces. I haven’t watched all the videos (there are soooo many!). I simply choose which financial topics I want to know more about and they have it. Chelsea is particularly endearing because of her personal stories abour her old unreliable self, anxiety and how she’s changed.

PODCAST: Hidden Brain

This podcast is my go to when doing repetitive tasks at work! Shankar Vedantam’s voice is calm but engaging. Many times, after hearing one feature, I still think about the podcast the next day. I also get these moments when something comes up and my mind goes “Oh I heard about this from Hidden Brain!”

TALK: A Gentler View of Success

This is an oldie but still very much a goodie! If I shared this already, it’s worth sharing again. It’s human nature to want growth, take risks and dream but I’ve also learned the importance of taking time and relishing the beauty of now. I’ve learned not to beat myself up for not being (insert adjective/prestigious job title here) and value my talents without seeking validation from my job or even society. I’m not always consistent but from time to time, self-doubt gives way to appreciation.

INSTAGRAM: Flora.Forager

Do I even have to explain flowers? No. Okay, happy scrolling!

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