Decisions Decisions and Challenge for March

It is March 4th on this side of the world. I took this long to decide on my Challenge of the Month. I was thinking:

  • One drawing a day
  • Abs exercises daily
  • and something about food and eating

I finally decided on the last one.

I know that calorie restriction is an important especially in your thirties. I will save the core exercises for next month. I already did some kind of meal planning last November, this time it will be more about the kind of food I eat.

The rule is: NO carbs for dinner.

So that means only having carbs during breakfast and lunch (ie. Rice – Pinoy staple, bread, etc). It’s not as drastic as renouncing carbs forever. I can’t. I’m Asian.

Cue: I have no idea for this one. I just have to ensure that I have something filling to eat during dinner that is NOT rice. Maybe eggs or some other protein with veggies.

Routine: Eat?

Reward: Checking it off as done at the end of the day.  At the end of the week, Cheat Day Saturday! ^_^

Why am I depriving myself of yummeh carbs?!

  • Better health (feel less bloated)
  • I just want abs! (Vanity again! I don’t care about the weight. I want to lose some inches.)
  • More energy again to do stuff I want at the end of the day. I usually get sleepy and lethargic in the afternoons. It would be nice to be more alert.

Okay maybe the Habit Loop format is not so clear for this challenge but there it is.


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