February Challenge Update, The Habit Loop and Other Stuff

The Habit Loop

This month, I watched a course on Skillshare (I can talk about that later) about habits. Catrinel Girbovan showed how to practically apply the principles on Charles Duhigg’s book , The Habit Loop. This  loop is a cycle of 3 things: the cue, the routine then the reward.

I looked at my current challenge for this month and identified those three for my yoga challenge.

Cue: Seeing the yoga mat beside my bed 

Routine: Yoga

Reward: Endorphins and the feeling of achievement when ticking it off as done (on the free version of the Habitbull App)

I also occassionally have to remind myself of why I’m going through all the trouble.

Here’s why:

1. Vanity (I’m aiming for that…gandang di inakala look. Or katawang di inakala.)

2. Start an exercise habit and build it into my daily routine.

3. Have more energy

February Challenge Update

As for the results of this month, it was fairly successful in that I seem to feel incomplete if I missed a day. That’s a sign that something is becoming a habit. On average, I did yoga at least 5 out of 7 days a week. I mostly do more than 5 minutes. This will certainly make it into my evening routine. Mornings are tougher.  Even so, I feel the immediate effects of a good stretch in the morning so I’ll keep trying to wake up earlier even if it’s just 5 minutes.

It might get boring with these challenges and monthly updates because they will follow the same format. I will lay out my reason and the 3 elements of the habit then do an update.

Routine and (Not) Giving Ducks

The bigger picture of why I’m doing this whole habit challenge is to solidify a regular routine (of different habits). It’s all the hype now on Youtube, these people showing their morning and evening routines. I love to watch those types of videos too. As a generally unmindful person, I know that having a solid routine will be good for my health and mind in the long term. I mean the science is clear on why we must exercise regularly yet it’s one of the hardest things to do, the hardest habit to develop (at least for me and from observation). That’s what I’m trying to challenge myself with.

To be honest, I’m still embarrassed when I admit to following these self-helpy type things. Then I stop myself and think: 1) I shouldn’t give a duck (yah, Marie Forleo used this term in one of her vids) 2) they’re only suggestions and 3) if there’s sensible info, why wouldn’t you use it to your advantage? I don’t know where this embarrassment comes from. Am I anxious of appearing that I try too hard? But I do try! Anyway it’s not something to worry about now or any other time. I just wanted to share that and if anyone feels the same way, let me know!

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