February Challenge

Hi all! My make-up challenge for January was by far the most successful one. Hmmm what does that say about me? Maarte ako. I like it because it makes me less frazzled on weekday mornings. It’s safe to say that I’ve incorporated it in my routine. It’s weird but I now go to work 15 minutes earlier than I used to. Something I couldn’t do with my December Go To Bed Early Challenge! I’m glad that my kaartehan got me somewhere this time.

Now on to February.

Love Your Body

February, the month of Luuuurve! Ok whatever Valentines but these next few weeks will be about loving the body. Meaning getting my body used to stretching everyday. The bigger goal is to exercise regularly. I chose stretching to start because it’s exercise without crazy pressure. It feels good to stretch your body after a long day’s work.

I will give myself a checkmark for the day if I did ATLEAST 5 minutes of stretching. Yes I’m being very generous to myself. I could have picked cardio or whatever number of reps for a harder routine but what matters right now is CONSISTENCY. Whether I stretch for 5 or 20 minutes, I don’t care as long as I show up every day.

Go-To Peeps

I was never the fit kid in PE class so I have some people I plan to follow. One of them is Adriene whom even my massage therapist loves and recommends. She’s behind  the channel Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. She has a calm voice, a sweet face and a treasure trove of yoga categorized by duration, body area and themes. She’ll be my number one resource for this month’s project. Aside from that, my friend kicked me in the butt to go to yoga class with her. I didn’t promise a whole month but we’ve got one weekend already scheduled. It’s February 4 right now and so far I have 3/4 checks. I’m excited and I hope this leads to more movement in my daily life and in the future, a regular exercise habit!


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  1. Kailangan ko rin ng 5min Stretch Challenge! Good for the body daw talaga yun sabi rin ng Dr ko, lalo na to decompress the spine. Kaya lang madami pa akong excuses. Hehe. 😛

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