New Movies To Watch This Week

I watched two movies in one week and loved them both. That doesn’t happen very often!  So here are the two films  that I think are worth seeing right now:

The Post

This movie is currently playing in Vancouver cinemas. Maybe it’s bad that there were only a few people in the theatre but it was a treat to watch without the blockbuster crowd.  It’s about how the Washington Post proceeded to publish news on the Pentagon Papers. Meryl Streep portrays publisher Katharine Graham and Tom Hanks is editor Ben Bradlee. It’s quite exciting and timely (hello Trump era and the order to shut down of Rappler).

The press was to serve the governed, not the governors.

– Justice Hugo Black

Sand Storm (Sufat Chol)

Guys this is on Netflix! Yay for you!  It’s a beautiful movie about two Bedouin women, a mother and daughter. There’s usually a focus on poverty  or political conflict when it comes to international films but this one was simple slice of life, the tensions of personal desires and cultural mores.

There is always a choice. -Layla, Sufat Chol

(images from and Netflix)

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