My First Drawing Class

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Pablo Picasso

Is there something you always wanted to learn but keep putting off? That is drawing for me. I’m a doodler but never took lessons in drawing.

The first person who amazed me with her drawing skills was a classmate in 2nd grade when she picked up a Mongol pencil and drew Ariel of The Little Mermaid on a Grade 2 pad paper. I was impressed!

Artistic people continue to amaze me. Many bloggers and instagrammers I follow are great creatives (Hi Krishel!).  I also low-key fangirl on Filipina illustrators  like Valerie Chua, Crissey Si and Abbey Sy. Some time ago, my friend Des took art classes and I saw her joy in pursuing her creativity.

I finally enrolled myself in a drawing class to explore that part of me. To be fair, I can draw beyond stick figures but taking a class is a step further, and who knows when it becomes a leap?



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  1. Uy! How can I follow you here? Or subscribe? Or anything? Haha. Nabubundok ako! Haha. Ano pating pinagkaiba ng (.com) at ( Hahahaha! Haiiii! Kinilig ako kasi nasa iisang paragraph yung pangalan namin nina Val Chua! Shet! And yes naman! I’m excited for you. Keep it up! I’m sure you’ll do great!

    1. bakit ngayon ko lang to nabasa! hahahaha! sorry di ko pa magets paano itransfer yung readers part ng blog. basta yung .com vs iba yung host ng blog pero di ko maexplain technical terms kasi di ko pa rin sya napag-aralan. haha. thank you sa encouragement! mahilig kasi ako sa mga arts and crafts kahit sa tingin tingin lang. hehe kaya now try try naman.

  2. yaaay! please post more of your works and classes. it’s so nice to see people pursuing something they like even as a hobby or as a class. I love looking at works in progress!

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