December Challenge = STRUGGLE

But not really.

Hi! I definitely haven’t given up nor forgotten about my monthly challenges! I got quite sick during my vacation leave, after we got back from Tofino. It’s a small surf town in Vancouver Island. Then even after recovering I just did not have the energy to do many things.

Anyway, for December, I decided to try to wake up early but realized that a better approach is to get myself to bed early! I think only if I can discipline myself to do that will I then be able to tackle becoming an early riser.

The reason why I chose this challenge is because I know I am a morning person. Or I’m supposed to be. You know how they always say that there are night owls and early birds? Well I know I just have more energy in the morning if I wake up early enough. Afternoons and evenings are for lounging and doing leisurely things. I think this habit of rising before the sun shines will be a QUANTUM LEAP if I ever pin it down. Here’s why, if I wake up atleast an hour earlier, I will then have the time for other habits that I want to have like doing morning stretches or runs, having a good breakfast and doing something productive way before my work and “life” gets in the way.

Unfortunately, I find this the hardest. I have this habit tracker and Dec 1 to 6 are all X’s meaning I slept late. Then 7-9 are checks which mean I did get my ass on the bed by 10:30 but those don’t mean I slept right away except that Thursday where I jumped on the bed at like 8 and slept through the morning like a baby. The past 3 nights were just fails. The only good thing is I noticed that I’m more aware and I’m actually in bed by 11 something instead of 1!

Also thoughts in my head right now are: omg this is boring. Why am I telling strangers about my sleeping habits? Haha. Wala lang. Narcissism? Lack of things to do? I should be as busy, productive and successful as my peers at this age but for some reason I have lost much concern and drive. I still get that nudge once in a while. Girl what are you doing with your life? But it isn’t as bad as before. Like early to mid-twenties bad. Now I’m, meh. Sometimes I just want to channel the careless ajummah- so full of moxie, so little care.


Gossip Girl….Ajummah


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      1. Hah! Lumabas na din ang katotohanan hahaha…pero on a serious note…pag sobrang stressed ako sa work di din ako nakakatulog for days….nights pala….sa dami ng iniisip…kaya dapat wag magisip LOL…manood na lang ng youtube videos hanggang makatulog haua

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