The Inspiration Haul

Hello. In spirit of keeping clutter minimal and savings intact, here is a look at my current Inspo Haul.

inspo haul

Honestly, I do enjoy watching vloggers’ shopping and makeup hauls. It’s a weird thing, to see Americans’ (almost pathological) relationship with shopping really but at the same time vicariously feel the high of their retail therapy. Even here in Canada, “how’s your Christmas shopping?” is a common question when the cold months start rolling in. This weirded me out in my first few years and I never knew what to say.

It’s not our thing.

I have no moolah!


Ofcourse I never replied with those things. I just always say I haven’t started or something like that. Anyway back to this inspo haul which was brought about by the thought of how I always fall into this rabbit hole of information and ideas. They are also clutter though not physical ones but maybe listing some out here can help both me and you who decided to read this. The first three happen to be Filipinas and all four are women. Here goes:

Arriane Serafico

Arriane is most definitely a true teacher. She teaches goal setting and design thinking through workshops and online courses.

Aside from an online business, her podcast A Purposeful Creative talks about topics that I rarely hear about. It’s for local and international listeners but I’m able to relate with her just by the fact that we are of the same ethnicity and age group. She’s a Filipina millennial who discusses creativity, businesses and goals. She provides tons of freebies like worksheets and plans on how to budget your money, how to set goals etc.

You can find her on and her podcast on I suggest starting with Episode 14 where she talks with musician Reese Lansangan about “being a sellout” and shame among many other things.

My only issue is why I only discovered her now. Why not 7 years ago??? Okay she was doing other things then.

Hannah Reyes Morales

Some people may already know her from her travel blog Yellow Adventures which is not up anymore. My sister directed me to her some years ago but I rediscovered her through A Candid Frame podcast that interviewed photographers.

Hannah was a National Geographic Explorer but I think one of her biggest contribution to date is documenting the Philippine war on drugs that has killed thousands of Filipinos especially the urban poor. Given the Philippine administration today and the Filipinos’ unquestioning support to it, it is a brave thing to do and I admire her and many honest, ethical journalists for it.

Listen to her interview:

Also check her instagram @hannahreyesmorales

Say Tioco

Say may be the odd one out of the women on this list today but she really balances out my Inspo Haul. She is mainly a makeup vlogger but she also has travel videos.

She delivers entertainment and great content to satisfy your inner kikay. I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts that I am an escapist at heart. I normally escape into the world of pretty things!

Filipina introverts who love travel can start with this video.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

You may have heard of her novels Americanah and Half of a Yellow Sun already (she has more). I haven’t read any of those.  I first heard her TedTalk on The Dangers of A Single Story which was so relatable especially as a new immigrant in the “First World”. Her second TedTalk also talks about feminism in a funny and engaging way. Definitely a valuable gift to young men and women who may feel intimidated about the concept.

Here’s the link to that talk.


That’s it for my inspirational haul. Most vloggers do regular hauls, so I wonder if I should do a regular one too. What do you think? Who or what would you have in your inspiration haul?

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