Lunch Spots Near Waterfront and Granville Stations

Here’s a second installment to my Lunch Spots near Skytrain stations. As a user of public transit, I just automatically notice many areas based on their proximity to a train station. These places are in Vancouver downtown and are walking distance from Waterfront and Granville Stations.

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Ulam. (In Filipino ulam means viand. But it’s also used when you see a guy with abs, muscles or something physically attractive. Girls use that term in that way more…like saying ‘yummy’. ^_^

This means they are also very near Burrard station too. My chosen lunch spots have meals that cost $15 and under. They may have pricier options too.

I’m also doing this because I am trying to appreciate where I am more rather than focus on always getting a way (which daydreamers have a habit of. Hello self.) Anyway… ta-da!

Cham Mani – it’s a tiny and homey place that serve Korean dishes like Bibimbap, Tteokboki, Kimbap and many more. Students and professionals alike visit this place for an affordable and simple lunch.

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Bento box from Cham Mani $8.95

Vancouver Art Gallery – I would say this is a nice place for earlier or later lunch and if you want to enjoy the ambience.

H-Mart – There’s Korean, Japanese and Chinese food. One can also do groceries before or after lunch. It’s my favorite food court because it’s not underground! It’s on the second floor. There’s decent natural lighting coming from the glass walls by the seating area. The Japanese food available are Japanese curries and katsudon. Then there’s a variety of Korean and Chinese dishes. This Korean mini mall has a bakery and cosmetics shop on the ground floor too.

International Food Fair – This place gets packed at lunch time but for good reason! My co-worker shared she had some Butter Chicken there today. I go there for Bubble Waffle. Bubble Waffle serves noodles (with choices for broth, toppings, noodle type), Hainanese Chicken, Hong Kong style drinks and yes, bubble waffle. This is actually a food court so aside from Indian food and Bubble Waffle, there’s soup and salad, Vietnamese food, Ramen and Korean combo meals.

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Takeout from Fujiya

Fujiya – ready-to-grab take out Japanese food. Sushi, bento boxes, donburi’s -for very cheap because there’s really no seating. There’s a few chairs and maybe three tiny tables outside and a small bar. I’d try to get there by 11:30 because while the long line-up moves fast, the food disappear faster.

Nuba in Gastown – Been here several times but mostly for dinner. Naturally, their lunch menu is cheaper and just as good. Nuba serves Lebanese food and have a lot of vegetarian and gluten free options. I do love their crispy cauli’s!

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Heritage Asian Eatery | Pork Belly Bowl ($13) and a side of Fried Chicken ($6)

Heritage Asian Eatery – I would say that my favorite is their Shiitake Rice Bowl! This rice bowl is $12 and it is just so good and the serving is so generous. They also have pork belly, duck, chicken and eggplant rice bowls. For those who aren’t rice fans (why?) they have bao’s at $7 each.


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