The Joy of Staying at Home

Travelling brings me so much happiness but so does staying at home. Despite not travelling for what feels like forever (just being dramatic, it’s only been a year since my last international trip), I figured that I should learn to appreciate what I have and where I am now.


Fall is making its presence felt on this side of the world. Soon it will be time for pumpkin spice and golden leaves. Perfect timing for communing with one’s home. The perfect season to cherish the joys of staying in.


I live vicariously through others’ travel photos and pictures of friends’ get-togethers. Recently, I borrowed Mr. Leading Man’s camera and I realized I can just play with it. Play – to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.*

It takes effort to “bloom where one is planted” but it’s well worth it.




*google dictionary ;p

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