Indulge in Schadenfreude with this Wine Documentary


After having white wine at a friend’s despedida, I realized that every time I drink it, I sneeze. That time I only drank half a glass and still the sniffles. I googled “red wine for someone who drinks white wine”. Yes I admit to this. This wine search led me to an intriguing documentary, Sour Grapes. The blurb from Netflix:

A so-called “wine savant” sold high-end collectors a luxurious lie – and they totally bought it.

The film is about how a man, Rudy Kurniawan sold thousands of fake wines for millions of dollars to ultra wealthy collectors in wine auctions. If you’re the type who loves to watch mysteries unfold and evil-genius schemes discovered then this one might be for you.

I love watching or reading these kinds of things. I will never be smart (nor cruel!) enough to create a grand scam but it’s thrilling to see how these people do it and how investigators expertly unravel their web of lies.

Yet despite all the fakery, the expert scammer charms us.  For some reason, these people loved Rudy and some still really like him. Not a surprise. An example closer to home is Jobelle Bascug -deemed “the most beautiful shoplifter” in Cebu. People had a hard time calling her out because she looks “sushyal”. She dresses the part of a well-off Filipina plus she’s fair-skinned. She may have this diagnosed disease but would society still be that forgiving to someone less… good-looking?

Won’t you take offense against this if you were among those disheveled college girls just window shopping at the mall receiving judgemental stares from salespeople? Ah! Those were my happy yagit college days!

On a greater scale, there are people who adore Imelda and millennials who look up to Isabel Daza (or insert socialite’s name here) for their “class” and “style” choosing to ignore the fact that the former’s family practically stole billions from the country and the latter’s tendency for making insensitive, crass comments in public. Remember, the children of Africa and hat incident among many? Plus her dad was a crony.

We love the dresses, the grandeur, the opulence. We want them in society pages and glossies. Who cares about their values? Whoa, I did not mean for this post to get all serious but Sour Grapes did make me think how such desires can be our comeuppance.

There is, after all, some advantage to being a middle class nobody. Among them is the absolute 0% chance of spending millions of dollars on fake wine. Also, we can snicker and indulge in luxurious schadenfreude when things go wrong for the rich big boys in finance and in Hollywood.

This film distracted me from my original search. When I finally got out of the documentary rabbit hole, I found out that red wine has more histamines vs white wine. It causes even more allergic reactions. Hmmm, I didn’t notice a lot of sneezing when I drank red wine before. But then again, I probably don’t drink that much wine for it to matter.

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