Lunch Spots Near Burrard Station

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Need new ideas on where to eat lunch in Downtown Vancouver? If you don’t believe in paying $20 for a meal, these places have lunch menus that range from $9 to $15. These are definitely not fancy restaurants. There’s a few food courts and mom-and-pop eateries but they’re good value for money.

Most of these lunch spots are Asian because I am. And you’re in Vancouver. These are cheaper places to eat. I’ve personally tried all the places listed here and would love to try some new lunch spots if you know any. Asian, Canadian or whatever, I’m open to it as long as my wallet is. Food is love.

This list may change from time to time. We also never know when the prices will change so just note this is as of August 29th 2017. Here’s part 1 of the installment.

Near is relative but here are some spots accessible from Burrard Station:

Herbs and Spices Cafe – Filipino and Eurasian food. It’s inside the Park Place building, you have to go down the stairs by the lobby. I had their kare-kare which tasted good but the meat was tough. Uhm, not good but they were informed. However my friends ordered the fried bangus (milkfish), lechon kawali and crispy pork belly. These were satisfactory. I also want to try more items on their menu.

Symphonie Restaurant – Soup and salad fare. Changing daily Filipino specials.

Belachan Kitchen Malaysian and Thai food. Some lunch specials, like the nasi lemak are $9.25! That includes the chicken, pickles, eggs, anchovies and rice. A lot of food for the price.

Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ – Korean Japanese food. Service is a little off, they seem to be understaffed. For the food and the price, it’s still makes the list. Their bentos start at $9.95 and their soups are yummy!

Damso Modern – Korean food. The pork bulgogi is filling at $8.99. For soup, I like the Gamjatang for $14.99.

Dae Bak Bon Ga – They have lunch boxes for $10-12 and lunch specials at $14. You get the main dish, the banchan (side dishes), rice and soup. I can finish a meal by myself but it can be very filling.

Click on this map for the list and locations. I will write about the rest in future posts.


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