Indio Bravo: The Life of Jose Rizal

Indio Bravo: The Life of Jose Rizal is written by Asuncion Lopez-Rizal Bantug with Sylvia Mendez Ventura and illustrated by BenCab. It aims to introduce young people to Jose Rizal and provide an intimate narrative about his life. It is published by Tahanan Books for Young Readers. Rizal scholar Ambeth Ocampo, the National Historical Institute, National Centennial Commission, the Spanish and German Embassies of Manila are also credited for their assistance in making the book.wp-1472917244715.jpeg

Mom bought our copy when we went to visit Rizal’s house in Dapitan City many years ago. Tahanan Books doesn’t seem to have it on their website. If all else fails, it’s also available on Amazon.

How is it possible to get tearyeyed just by reading the first chapters? Of course I indulged  in reading about Jose’s love life especially his long distance drama with Leonor Rivera. I thought it would take me a week to finish. It’s only 158 pages but I haven’t read in a really really long while (coz life/stress/work). Tamad kaayo ko mubasa. -_-

I just finished it (quicker than I expected). I’m writing this post in a bubble tea cafe that my sister and I frequent. When I read the last few chapters, my tears fell uncontrollably (as in ugly cry T_T). Wo Meimei didn’t know what to do with me. Hehehe.

Study should be a thing of love and joy; the primer not a black book bathed in the tears of childhood, but a friend who is going to reveal wonderful secrets; and the schoolroom not a place of sorrows, but a scene of intellectual refreshment. -from Noli Me Tangere

Most Filipinos know Jose Rizal because he is our national hero but apart from the required course in university, I don’t remember being taught a lot about his life at school. I was lucky to have Sir Nilo Ocampo as my PI 100 professor. He loved Rizal and it was in his class that I started to know a bit more. A recent trip to Madrid also gave me the inspiration to revisit Philippine history. I feel like man, I don’t know a thing. So here I am going back to the past to make sense of the present.

Thank you Jose Rizal. Ok tears again… (T_T)





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