The Unconventional Trip Prep


Do people do these things? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks they are unconventional but here goes a rundown of my travel preparations:


If there’s one thing I learned about travelling, it’s the value of creating guidelines. I only realized it this year after having traveled here and there for ten years. Better late than never! I figured this out while thinking of my upcoming trip and reflecting on what I did two years ago. These reminders are not hard and fast rules. They simply exist to guide me in the journey based on what I want to get from it and how I want to feel. We all probably have something like this in our heads. This is the first time I am consciously making the effort to create them.

Have fun! 

Even when things don’t go according to plan.

Write at least 1 entry (at least 5 lines) every day.

Reading my past journals have served me well over the years  that this is a no-brainer. I just have to get my lazy tourist ass to do it.

Wake up early and get some quiet time

Crucial stuff if I want to get some writing time and great shots before everybody wakes up to photobomb my pics.


With locals as much as possible!


Coz #abs. Coz #croptop. Coz #bikini.

Be brave

I always have to remind myself of this.



Aside from making sure  I have something to wear, I try to ensure that I have done the following to make my trip comfortable, convenient and memorable:

  1. Unlock phone, research local sim and instructions on how to call, apps
  2. Prep Camera- batteries, storage space, photo list
  3. Learn the Language – esp basic phrases via  Youtube, Duolingo and Memrise
  4. Familiarize Self with Transit – trains and buses



I research writers of the country I’m visiting and download their works for me to read on the plane. Last time, I was able to borrow some books about Venice but I think they were not so good. My plan is to download a few short stories because as you may have observed, I am a lazy reader.


To immerse myself in the language, I add songs from the country I am visiting. The more genres I have the better. You never know when you’ll feel like having a concert in the shower or when you’ll be in need of a slow jam for long train rides perfect for thinking about exes, boyfriends and whatnot.

Aside from that, I always have my staple playlist that I will listen to wherever I am. My non-FIlipino songs include those by Yuna, Mariah Carey, Sara Bareilles, BTS, 2NE1, Tofubeats, various artists of Reply 1988 OST and Rurouni Kenshin OST. Just so you know, I have a lot of OPM and KPOP songs on mine. My OPM list will have Eraserheads, Zia Quizon, True Faith and 80s/90s songs. Which reminds me, I need new OPM songs. Any suggestions?


Scents and smells increase the memory of an experience. During my last trip to Italy, I chose a solid perfume in Rose scent from L’Occitane. For next time,  I will opt for a lotion and body mist. The lotion so that the scent lasts and body mist for quick application.

Ang that’s how I’d plan my trip, IDEALLY.

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