Book Love: Sky Blue After The Rain

Sky Blue After The Rain

I have little patience in so many things even in one I usually love to do: reading.

However, with some books, you are immediately grabbed by the story. I find myself having fun or feeling sad depending on how they go. I enjoy Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo’s writing. I love reading stories set in different places but there’s nothing like reading Philippine literature.

It could be set in the past or the present. The emotions and thoughts are much closer to home. I feel like I know what the authors are talking about. It adds a different dimension to my reading experience. That or vice versa where having read the book changes how I experience a place or a situation. Sky Blue After The Rain is a collection of such type of short stories.

I particularly liked Patriciang Payatot, The Pink Parasol and The Tree  of the Perfect Plum.  Some stories are relate-able, some just enjoyable to read but all of them encourage introspection. It makes me want to go back to religiously write on my journal again. Props to my sister who bought it! For a non-Filipino reader, it gives you insight on our culture, our every day thoughts and feelings and how we view things without giving you a Social Studies lesson.

It is published by the University of the Philippines Press so it may still be available there, otherwise there’s always Amazon.

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