October Challenge: Declutter Desk, Declutter Life


The 15-minute decluttering routine is some kind of a genius tool.

Sometimes it doesn’t work: You clear up the dining table. And ta-da! Decluttering is done! That is it, check it off your list and you don’t feel the need to do anything afterwards.

Sometimes it really works: You start clearing your desk and it looks pristine but you check your watch and there’s still 10 minutes left. Taking the challenge seriously, you go to the washroom and see if you can clean up your counter too. The hairdryer, products are now neatly tucked in the right baskets, the clutter of lipstick containers and make up brushes is gone as they are now neatly arranged like pens in their dispensers.

There’s still 5 minutes and you’re on a roll. You vacuum and before you know it, 15 minutes is up but the house looks nicer. You feel happy seeing your clear desk and realize Oh how lovely to sit down and finish that draft I was writing. And you do that. Then you feel like you’ve been sitting for a while and need to stretch. You see your clean vacuumed floor and think Oh I should stretch for a few minutes. So you search yoga on YouTube. You end up doing yoga for 30 minutes and another 30 minutes figuring out that Kpop dance you discovered.

Voila. For less than half a day, you have cleaned your home, written something and exercised. It may not be the best day but it’s better than nothing and you’ve accomplished more than what you would normally have. Better than feeling down and unproductive, that’s for sure.

This, my friends, is how the 15-Minute Decluttering challenge was for me. It’s a tool and results depend on the person using it. Some days are better than others. I hope I discipline myself more to make it work. Life is still good.

(image from Death to The Stock Photo)


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