June Challenge: Read One Chapter Daily

The book I chose to read this month is Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I find that it is most relevant to what I am doing, trying to keep a resolution for the entire year. Through this book, I learned:

  • To stop being apologetic about who I am. This means feeling okay about loving romantic Korean TV series or not having to pretend to enjoy beer. This also means not having to worry about enjoying the same music as some friends enjoy.

  • That it is my duty to myself and to others to pursue happiness. I knew this subconsciously even then. I knew that if I was cranky and full of self-loathing that I wouldn’t be able to be as kind to others as I ought to be.
  • My productivity greatly matters to me and my self-esteem. I know I start this downward spiral if I feel that I haven’t done anything during the day. I feel irritated and annoyed at myself for not working enough. Knowing that, I should strive each and every day not to be busy but to be productive.
  • I should set a time to withdraw and when to spend time with others. Being alone makes me happy. I love spending time with myself eating or cooking at home, reading a book, writing. Yet I’m aware that I should make more time to connect with friends. I’ve been planning to send them postcards for over a year now and I’ve never done it. To think, dropping of the mail is so easy here.
  • Β Voice my appreciation more. I’d like to be less critical and less worried about what people think of me. In the book, the author did mention that critical and negative people appear more intellectual but I am past that phase of wanting to be viewed as intellectual. I never was but I know I’m smart. I don’t think I’ve ever praised myself for that. To voice out my appreciation to myself and to other people, that will be a refreshing change.

This month’s challenge was greatly beneficial to me. I can’t wait for next month where I have to force myself to read one blog in Italian daily but I’m sure it will make my upcoming trip so much worth it. Til the next challenge!

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