March Challenge: Regular Yoga Practice

I discovered yoga when I was miserably employed in a hotel. Most of the time, I connected spoiled guests to our housekeeping department. Okay, not everyone was spoiled. I got all kinds of guests. I was happy to encounter respectful and happy customers. Usually at the end of the month, some suppliers gave me hell because our Accounting department wouldn’t answer their calls. I occassionally got calls from a douchey previous employee who arrogantly berated me for transferring him to his desired department twice without talking to him first. Life was toxic and I knew I needed to release all that bad stuff. So I searched for yoga places online and at that time it was hard to find any. Luckily, Ananda Marga had a website and thus my yoga journey began. We practiced in an old house twice a week and always meditated at the end of the session. There were days when we had vegetarian dinners and wellness sessions. Their focus was meditation and yoga. This was not a studio of competitive yuppies trying to out do each other on the mat.  I was comfortable and people were welcoming. Sadly, I had to move out of the city and move back to my hometown. I searched for a teacher there and found one but my practice became inconsistent. There were only two of us taking her class and the other one was my sister!

Moving to Vancouver, I was surprised to learn that Vancouver IS THE city of yoga. And it’s yoga of all kinds, competitive yuppy kind included. Vancouverites are notoriously known as Lululemon-wearing, yoga-mat toting prissy hipsters. I was tempted to agree with the stereotype but…good news! I have found really nice Vancouverites (they exist!!!). Okay kidding aside, I’ve been really happy with the yoga teachers I’ve met. That’s 5 out of the 6 so far just because that one teacher was a wee bit snobbish– that’s a no no for me. As for fellow students, I know how it feels when everyone can “twist into a pretzel while you can barely reach your toes” but, they really don’t care! You don’t have to talk to the person beside you anyway so no need to worry about them. Still, I found that smiling to people in the locker room and saying hi is an effective way to reduce shyness.

At the end of this month, I will let you know how I did on my March challenge and also list some resources related to it. Namaste!

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