The Plant That Won’t Die: A Metaphor for the Hopeless

So I brought this Poinsettia plant to the office two weeks before Christmas. It is now March and it is still on my desk. 

I transferred it to my cubicle from the department shelf where it originally was because I was getting a lot of comments about it. Am I still watering the poor thing?? It’s dying. Or just about any other comment that basically means the same thing: that Poinsettias are only for Christmas and I should throw my plant away already. I would tell people that it would be such a waste to throw away because it was still alive. I eventually got tired of saying that over and over so I put it on my desk. Then one of the execs comes over and comments, when any of her plants do not look gorgeous anymore, they are out. You’d think I would let out a sigh of resignation and throw my poor poinsettia plant away but you know what, it is still on my desk. Perhaps on Monday I will take it home and plant it in our garden. I wonder, is there something my officemates are telling me that I just cannot get? Whatever. Like a stubborn teenager, I roll my eyes.

They don’t get me either. Anything and anyone surviving has every chance of thriving.

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