The First Time I Talk About Style


I just had this urge to write a fashion entry. Fashion, an arena I never dared enter. I thought I dressed okay until I reached my twenties and realized that I’m just not there yet, style-wise. By there, I mean my idea of my well-dressed self. While some older photos make me cringe, it’s a relief that my fashion transgressions lie more on the side of being understated rather than being horrendously overdressed. I could always excuse myself with putting function over fashion. That or my being in a tropical country doesn’t require anything more than a “relaxed style”. There’s no using the same excuses now.

Yes, one has to grow emotionally and spiritually but perhaps it should also be reflected by some kind of a wardrobe overhaul. (I give you permission to roll your eyes.) This time I just feel like taking this seriously especially that I have been a few years in the “real working world” already. It’s time to lose the cutesy and put on the corporate-ladder-climber look. Though I have no intention of climbing some obscure ladder.

You may have noticed how I’m iffy about showing pictures of myself. So there will be no OOTD’s soon (maybe?). In any case, here are some of my favourites in the “fashion world”:
Best Vlogger would be Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters for her charming personality and love of thrifting. Had I been more clothes conscious , I would be looking a lot like Nicole Warne of Very classy yet simple. And she shows that classic is not limited to the black and white ensemble. Of Philippine bloggers, Danika Rio of StudioRio gets my vote for her business sense and  love of prints.
My style would probably be either CLASSIC or BOHEMIAN or a bit of both. Think Talitha Getty and Grace Kelly in one. Should I ever have an endless supply of shopping money, you will find me checking out Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, ModCloth, Ruche and some good old reliable thrift stores.
There you have it. Now excuse me while I lounge at home in my oversized shirt and pajamas.

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  1. Haha! Just when you're thinking of dressing up, I'm on my way to “dressing down”. This a sign that I have matured, too.

    This is an interesting post. Your last line's EPIC! 🙂 mwah

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