Canada Day and Steveston Salmon Festival

The Steveston Salmon Festival fell on the same Sunday as Canada Day so my family and I went to Steveston, Richmond to take part of the festivities. And what’s my default post like when I get lazy? They say a picture paints a thousand words. Teehee!

*Edit: All the pictures were taken by Astrid of Superboink. She always brings her cam despite how heavy it is. Check out her photo blog for more beautiful photos!

I just had to say that the ice cream guy looked at me for a good two seconds
after I told him what flavours  I wanted. “Wasabi and Butterscotch, what a combination.” He said.
 That was the first time I tried wasabi ice cream and it wasn’t bad at all!

Nothing better than messy and tasty pulled pork and slaw bought from the street!


Salmon, the healthier option.




Boats and “pirates” at the Steveston port!




Pirates serenade while everyone else scouts for the perfect seafood for dinner.


An exhibit shows the beauty and craft of boat making.

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  1. Looks like a good day to celebrate! Yummy food and great time with friends for the Canada Day. My sister is in Canada and I think they celebrated it by fishing with friends.

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