Getting Organized

My mom gets upset when she sees us not wearing house slippers. Maybe she vicariously feels the cold floor or it doesn’t sit well with her generation’s sensibilities. This brings me to think of how I should put things in place— categorize and classify them as they should be, at least according to my own sensibilities. At one time, I can leave a room looking topsy turvy-clothes strewn all over the floor. On another, I could be obsessively wiping a tiny stain off a kitchen appliance. Anyhow, I’d rather be organized. As a bored girl on her day off, here’s a rundown of things I want to get done:


Personal Finance

The young are always told they have time on their side. Now, that is true if one knows what to do with it and one of those things is to make money grow. It’s easier to budget money when you have less. My only problem when I was a student was not having enough after I paid for board and lodging.

When you start earning, things get a little more complicated. You start thinking of savings for the future, for trips and even for, I dare say, retirement. There are bills to pay like credit cards and health insurance. If you’re on a certain side of the spectrum you get these tax refunds and when you get money “out of nowhere” you start to think of how to keep it wisely. It’s not enough to save. One should save smart. So my to do’s this month are

1) Start an Emergency Fund

2) Open my registered retirement savings plan (RRSP for Canadians) and

3) Keep track of my money.

Luckily, I’ve downloaded a free spreadsheet that will make the last part easier to do. The internet is a minefield of educational finance blogs and websites for people with zero knowledge when it comes to personal finance, like me!

Files and Folders

My file folders show my attempts at organizing. The folders are all labelled but in reality it is nothing but a vain attempt to compartmentalize mess. I know I need to regularly arrange all the stuff in those folders and throw out unnecessary papers. Priority: buy a two-hole puncher.

What makes me happy though is that I have this folder labeled love letters. In fact, having “happy folders” make me like organizing my files. These folders include files of plans, dreams and letters from friends. It’s really a must to make space (in this case, make a file) for your favorite things to do. Mine may include travel plans, recipes while others might have photography, marine science, etcetera. One of my favourite magazines, Real Simple has a great website for organizing tips.

My email account also needs some spring cleaning and it’s summer already!

Time and The Restless Mind

Thoughts are of course the most difficult but most important of all. It’s not so much as organizing one’s thoughts. I feel that I just have to learn to quiet down so I can think and make better decisions. It helps to set certain times of the day just to be still. This is hard for me who can mess things up and then cry in true manic fashion. But it’s people like me who need it most. So whatever works for keeping my worries at bay is fine as long as it doesn’t involve hallucinogenic mushrooms or the like!
I’ve heard several times that time is not something one can manage. It’s just exhausting to have thoughts all circle around things to do. No one wants to be Mr White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who is perpetually running after time. If there’s one thing he needed, it was rest. Perhaps when we take the time to rest our thoughts, we will find the time for everything else.
Happy organized week. =)

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