Currently Reading | Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs

My search for finding a fulfilling and interesting career has led me into all sorts of directions– from art and design to culinary arts to development work and finance. I am uncertain how near or far I am from a career but I’ve come across very interesting ideas and people. One of those people I found out about was Muhammad Yunus. He is a Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize awardee, praised for founding Grameen Bank, an institution that loaned to the poor (who otherwise would be turned away by most banks) to build or augment their own small businesses.

In this book, he outlines his vision of a new kind of capitalism. He defines the concept of social business where the objective is to solve a social problem. It’s a different creature from a traditional business and also unlike a charity or non-profit. It’s also not quite a social enterprise. It’s a very interesting concept where one is in a business not for profit but to alleviate poverty and better serve humanity.  There’s no need to be an economist, a businessman or a development worker to appreciate his ideas. This book is inspiring and delightfully easy to understand. I haven’t finished it but it’s proving to be a very good read.

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