Sunday Lunch

Before we left for the big C, I was eyeing a cookbook on the shelves of National Bookstore. I had read food writer Margaux Salcedo’s article about it on the Sunday Inquirer Magazine. The book was Kulinarya. It was a little more than a thousand pesos so I didn’t think of getting a copy. I was only in my first real job and I couldn’t afford it. But, I looked at it every time I was in the bookstore and read the blurbs of all six Filipino chefs who collaborated to produce the guidebook.  I don’t know but by a stroke of good luck, the book was given to our family as a going-away present!

After a long cooking hiatus, I had the chance to open the cook book again last Sunday when two huge pieces of liempo were thawing out on our sink. That was mom’s way of saying,  “left for church. please cook.” And cook I did. I opened the book to the lechon kawali recipe. 


I didn’t follow it to the letter. Procrastinator that I was, I did not wait for the meat to drain for an hour. We were hungry so after just a few minutes of draining, I dropped it on the heated oil with my shield (pot cover) ready, crying out “Lord forgive me!” every single time the oil sputtered.
Everyone was perfectly happy with how it turned out. We had a choice of Andok’s lechon sauce (wish it was Mang Tomas), Iligan’s famous Pinakurat (spiced vinegar) and Dagupan Bagoong for the sawsawan.
Sundays are always best with family and great food.

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  1. Yes! I still remember our Maayusin cooking experience! haha. i just realized na dugay na kaayo ta friends because I know I got that expression of saying “the big C” from you when you talk about “the big bad Metro”. haha. takes a moment to notice it sometimes.

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