Book Love: The Agency

the agencyt
It’s been ages since I wrote a book report. I can’t even remember the last one I did but I do remember that I love doing it more than my other homework. My youngest sister who’s in high school brought The Agency home one night and before long, every one in the house was hooked (that includes mom.haha). We only got to read the first two books. I am so excited for the third. It’s currently on order at the public library and I am waiting like a geeky, giddy kid.

The Agency series is about the adventures of Mary Quinn, a secret agent for a women-run spy agency. What makes it interesting is that it’s set in Victorian London. I love it for the suspense and the fuzzy feeling I get reading about Mary’s moments with her leading man. I mean, who does not love leading men of the Victorian era? The book was written for young adults. I may be several years past my teens but aside from having a mental age of fifteen, I don’t choose books based on age group. Haha! In fact I love children’s/young adults’ books. This one would make a great movie series too!


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